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 From the QURAN

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Kirannagar Helping Eye
Kirannagar Helping  Eye

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PostSubject: From the QURAN   Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:25 am

From the Qur'an:
> 39:8 When some trouble touches man, he cries to his Lord,
> turning to Him in repentance: but when He bestows a favour
> upon him as from Himself, (man) forgets what he cried and
> prayed for before, and sets up partners to Allah, thus
> misleading others from Allah's Path. Say, "Enjoy your blasphemy
> for a little while: verily you are (one) of the Companions of
> the Fire!" 39:8
> [Lessons from this verse] We normally reserve turning in
> repentance to when troubled times come upon us. No, we are
> equally commanded to turn in repentance when the mercy of
> Allah is showered upon us, because that is the time so many
> people attribute that mercy to other then Allah.

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Most Wanted
Most Wanted

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PostSubject: Re: From the QURAN   Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:00 pm


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From the QURAN
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